16 novembre 2012

Guinea pigs in lisboa + extras

Third week in Lisbon, the weather is bad, grey, wet and windy. As you can see, Portugal isn't all about sun an heat, they have storms too.

Two small drawings I made weeks ago, when the weather started to go crazy, next to Cais do Sodre, on the riverside.

Apart from watercolour, I was asked by my flatmates to draw a guinea pig on the wall. Not just any guinea pig, but this one. Long story.

I started by doing it on paper, as well as a regular pig, since I wasn't sure of the result. I did it with charcoal, easier to work with (especially on such a scale)

(that's where I realise that despite not taking anatomical drawing classes in first year, I can draw living stuff. Still no naked women on my sketchbook though)

This morning, after checking the chaotic weather (and deciding I had nothing more ugent to do that didn't involve going out), I started.

Soon, more wall drawings, probably in every room here. And some results form tallin's workshop. I promise.

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