25 décembre 2012

Tallin R+M

A quick glimpse of the workshop 6 in Tallinn (Sept-Oct 2012)
7 weeks, two projects and a week-long break in Berlin. 2 projects, 2 scales: the street and the district with GreBlis (De).


 Roosikrantsi  Street
     1-week project of transformation of a street as an access to the city centre.
Expansion of the underground passage network including the street as a main entrance, reduction of the circulation, pedestrian-friendly treatment of the ground (unique pavement covering the whole space) and green spaces as attraction / expansion points.

 (Freedom square, before)

  (Freedom square, before)

  (Roosikrantsi - north part)

(Roosikrantsi - proposition)


     Renovation / transformation project of one of the districts of Mustamaë. Theses were the first districts to be build with pre-fab elements by the communists (system then used everywhere from Vladivostok to Berlin). Theses buildings were made for 30 years, then an extra 20. Today, after 50 years, they still stand, despite the poor quality of the concrete and the lack of thermic and acoustic insulation.
We choose to work at an urban scale first, since we don't believe the situation (isolation, lack of life) can only be changed by small-action project there.

 (Mustamaë - existing situation)

  (Mustamaë - proposition)

 (Mustamaë, district 3 - existing situation)

 (Mustamaë, district 3 - proposition)

 (Mustamaë, district 3 - new circulation network)

 (zoom in - extended typology 1)

 (zoom in - extended typology 2)

Our proposition is to re-use the existing system, trying not to destroy it too much, and densify it. Since most inhabitants are owners of their flats, it’s not an option for us to erase everything and start working on a blank page. We propose to bring a piece of city with various typologies and a street life in Mustamaë.
Using the existing buildings as a base, we develop blocks. Theses blocks contains various programmatic elements such as housing, commerce’s, offices, but also school and kindergarten, and a library. Between and around theses blocks, we propose a network of streets and plazas, bringing back human scale and small-scale life in the district. Although we rationalised the whole system and its links with the surrounding areas, we decided not to get rid of the cars. They are part of the city, and instead of taking them away, we propose to give them a proper and defined place in the streets.
During this exercise, we focused on some typologies examples. In addition to the existing prefab buildings, some social housing, group housings and individuals plots.

 (typology 1 - volumetric proposition)

 (typology 1 - volumetric proposition)

 (typology 1 - volumetric proposition)

We gave some formal and conceptual propositions for the individual housing system.
In theses blocks, our idea is to reduce the height of existing, and densify the area by building some 1-3 levels houses.
First step is to define the position of the future constructions by setting the roads, streets, plazas and parking spots. Then, after setting an infobox (future community point), we divide the area in plots of 10x4 meters. Theses plots are sold or given to former inhabitants (possibility to have one or more plots to build). Finally, the building of start. Different architects according to urban rules of the district design each house. Therefore we ensure that the diversity of the place will be respected and we avoid an uniform neighbourhood. In the same time, the prefabricated building is scaled down, proposing new spaces on its roof for inhabitants.
Since we want the new Mustamaë to be a piece of city, we decided not to give too strong indications. Height, maximal volumetric, possible materials, but no architectural indications or constraints.

Considering the actual flat occupation of 1,7 person per flat, our proposition would at least double the population of Mustamaë (at least +80%, ore if the flat occupation rises)

Again, you will find the presentation here and the up-to-scale posters there.

(Puddle, Tallinn. yeah, it was part of the workshop. I swear!)

Soon (tomorrow maybe?) the workshop of Lisbon, finished 2 weeks ago.
And oh, yeah, merry thing. yeah, you know.

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