23 octobre 2012

Tallinn - Seaside in autumn

A quick selection of shots made a few weeks ago, when I was still in Tallinn. I went to have a walk in the north of the city, in the former military area. An old prison, Patarei, and a concert / sport hall built in 1980 for the Moscow Olympic Games.
It was a windy day, so no sketches, only photographs. This area is right now preserved in a stasis, no demolition of this patrimonial part of the city, but no renovation either. Some final projects of the first class of my master program took place in Patarei, the former prison.

(The triangle is Patarei, the big building going into the sea is Linnahall)

Soon, a quick presentation of our work (our works) here in Tallinn, before flying to Lisbon again.

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