1 octobre 2012

Water + Riga + Berlin + Color // 100th Post

Petit message à l'attention des passants et lecteurs phrankofones, depuis un peu plus d'un an, j'étudie au sein du programme REISEUNI - ASG. Le principe de ce programme est de voyager, d'étudier à l'étranger. Depuis donc un peu plus d'un an, je vis et travaille en anglais. La majorité des lecteurs de ce blog est aussi à présent d'origine étrangère.

Pour ce 100e post, j'ai donc décidé de passer en Anglais. Ce blog sera donc désormais — sauf exception — en Grand Briton. éventuellement, je pourrais caler une rapide traduction en fin de posts pour les anglophobes, s'ils me le demandent. Ou pas, je verrais.


So, 100th post on this blog, and first in English. Starting from now,  I'll try to post here only in English, since my life is abroad now, as are more than half of my (tiny number of) readers.

So to celebrate this change, and the 100th, I'm back to the origins. Not miniatures, but watercolors.

Last week-end, I was in Riga with some friends. No photos, since I didn't take my camera (and I didn't get my friends photos yet), but watercolors. Since I'm not carrying my paints and brushes with me all the time, I had to rely on my memory — and the crappy photos of my crappy phone displayed on a tiny crappy screen. You know, to check the colors.

So from Riga, a cocktail (called Blondie, ordered by a... blondie. Coincidence? nah.). We had cocktails in a bar on the top of one of the few skyscrappers of Riga, a Radisson hotel. Entrance wasn't free, but drinks were more than correct, and cheap.

Then, next day, hangover in a park, sitting in the sun, waiting for a guy. I can't say the name of the park, just that it's right in front of the radisson hotel I've been writting about before.

And our last in Riga, a tea pavillon in a park in the north-east of the city center, this octogonal wooden building is ust great, I even took some extra time later, in the bus, to sketch its plan and section for later.

The following week, I was in Berlin to attend the jury of the previous class of my masterprogram. First day was free (I arrived a bit too early), then jury, jury, jury. Therefore, only two small sketches, the first one from was made in front of Marienkirche (Alexanderplatz), a church I already sketched almost a year ago. The second one, way way more interesting, is from the academy of arts in Tiergarten (beautiful building, beautiful context, beautiful light)

And to conclude, a small gift. I did theses a few month ago, back in Kiel, when I was trying to figure wether it's better to sketch witch charcoal before or after painting with watercolor. So I sketched what I found in the kitchen.

(the best one? Charcoal, then watercolor, then hairspray. The Pear then.)

On theses paintings, I wish you goodnight, and see you next time!
BTW, there might be (there are) some mistakes. I don't know why, tonight Blogger refuses to check for misspelling. Maybe next time.

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