7 mars 2013

Malaga - Sevilla - Cordoba - Granada - Ronda - Sevilla

Hi there, I just arrived in Berlin, after 4 days of intense road-trip in Andalusia. There is the map, made on a napkin during breakfast in Granada. It's quite blurry, I took photos on my desk, and I don't have that much light here.

So, going trough tiny national roads, sometimes on the wrong side, avoiding all sort of small animals, learning the difference between Gasolina and Gasoil, escaping from multiples tourists tours, it was a long week end. 

 Granada - Alhambra

 Granada - Alhambra

 Granada - Alhambra (and a rally bold squirrel)

Ronda, and its bridge. Its massive bridge, it's really worth going through the mountains to find it.

In addition, two portraits made by Ben, you can find his blog here, even tough he's not posting a lot of what he's drawing (mostly people). And yeah, he can write in reverse. He's like that.
I coloured one of them, A portrait from Ely, a friend of our Mexican colleague.

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