3 mars 2013

Watercolour Box

At the end of January, I decided to build myself a new watercolour box, cause the old one is old, dull grey, and takes a lot of space and dead weight.

Decided to do it on wood, in Balsa, a very light one. It took me a big afternoon.

I did the plans from a rough sketch, and then directly on my sketchbook (pen, watercolour).
As a result, this small box. I planned to detail it up a bit, to soften the edges and fill the joints neatly with white glue, and maybe varnish it, to keep it clean and neat, but I had to leave for Spain, and now... I let time go.

Also, my time in Seville has ended, soon I'll post a point on our work, but first, I have a trip to do to Granada. And then, Berlin!

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