25 février 2013

Sketches in Sevilla

The final presentation is in a big Day. But as I won't probably be able to post anything here until I reach Berlin on the 6th of March, I'll shorten my already-short night for some sketches, some new pages of my sketchbooks.

Not everything here is from my master program, in January, I started a "task force" with the new heads of the AssoM (union of student associations from Marseille). Although the project comes from long ago, it was realised in a very short time, a reunion and the following week.

I ended up with this first result (delivered the day before I left for Sevilla), It'll be updated among the next few months.

But before being this PDF, it all sort of started as this.

Even though it is a numeric work, on Illustrator and Indesign, planned for websites, posters, and other communication media, it all start on paper, through tiny pages and rows of numbers.

Then, a few pages about the project here, to be linked to this post.

Some sketches made in the streets of Malaga, some other in dark auditoriums, angry doodling during an "artistic" week... and even two watercolours of two lecturers whose name I don't remember. That's right, after spending years avoiding to draw people, I'm finally starting to do it (a previous — and bad —  experiment can be found here.)

 Picasso Museum, Malaga

 Every 10 minutes, I was hatching a stripe. It was a pretty and long morning lecture.

Edition : Internet just crashed, I guess I'll publish it in the morrow.

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